Boomi training & interview preparation

Middleware Basics & Dell Boomi Training Curriculum

Dell Boomi course discusses the concepts like Cloud Integration Concerns, Dell Boomi Account setup, AtomSphere Process and Shapes, Flow Control, Error Handling Techniques, Testing and Deployment of Interface, Web Services, High Volume Data Handling, etc.


  • Need for Cloud Integration
  • What is iPass?
  • Cloud Integration Concerns
  • Dell Boomi Account Set up
  • Exploring Dell Boomi and Life Cycle
  • Environments and Atoms
  • Atoms properties

Core of Dell Boomi

  • What is the AtomSphere Process? 
  • AtomSphere Shapes: Execute, Logic and Connect
  • What is a component?
  • What is document Tracking?

Types of Profiles, creation and flow

  • Xml, Database, Json, Flat File and EDI
  • flow mechanism 
  • Profile combination
  • Retrieve profile from cache inside map

Standard and custom function

  • Cross Reference 
  • User defined function
  • Lookup
  • Standard functions
  • Properties

Document flow and error handling techniques

  • Batch documents
  • Flow control
  • Flow control with set properties mechanism
  • Try/catch
  • Custom alerts
  • Read data at each shape in Test mode
  • Exception shape: terminate the data flow and
  • Define custom error messages

Process Building using all the Shapes, Testing and Deployment

  • End to End Design of Interface
  • Testing of the Interface
  • Deployment of the Interface
  • Execution of the Interface 
  • Analysis of Process Reporting, logs etc

Web services

  • Soap
  • Rest 
  • User creation  
  • Shared web server

High Volume data handling

  • OutOfMemoryException errors 
  • Ram usage

Best Practices

  • Assignments will be given to individuals after each session. 
  • Dell Boomi setup & license should bear by the participants.
  • Trainer will help the participants with technical queries to complete the assignments.

Practice Test & Interview Questions

  • Boomi Techie offers advanced interview questions.