salesforce training & interview preparation

Introduction to Salesforce CRM

In this module, trainees will learn the SFDC fundamentals like the importance of Salesforce CRM, salesforce editions, building apps, and salesforce architecture. 

  • Define Salesforce and Customer Relationship Management
  • Introduction to
  • Why we use Salesforce CRM
  • Different Editions of Salesforce
  • Salesforce Registration
  • Building and Customizing Home page, Apps and Tabs
  • Salesforce Architecture- Multi-tenant and Meta-Data driven.
  • CRM Object Capabilities

Quote Templates

This module deals with quote templates, quote record, and quote PDF.

  • Introduction to Customer Relationships
  • Introduction to Quote Templates
  • Creating a Quote record and its template
  • Quote PDF

Sales Cloud

This module will discuss sales cloud concepts such as creating list views, generating leads, creating user accounts and campaigns, and record types.

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud Basics
  • Creating List views and Email Leads
  • Generating and Converting Leads
  • Creating Accounts and Contacts
  • Sending personal and group Emails
  • Creating Campaigns and Activities
  •  Creating Opportunities and Products
  • Creating Web-to-Lead Form and Lead Assignment Rule

Service Cloud

During this module, you will master the topics like creating cases and solutions, case escalation and assignment rules, and enabling knowledge.

  • Service Cloud Basics
  • Creating Cases and Case Assignment Rules
  • Case Escalation Rules
  • Creating and Activating Solutions
  • Setting and Enabling Knowledge
  • Creating web-to-case Form and Email-to-case address

SFDC Objects and Fields

In this module, you will learn the concepts like creating objects and fields, altering objects, custom objects, text area fields, lookup fields, and formula fields.

  • Creating Objects, Standard Object Components
  • Altering and Renaming Standard Objects
  • External Objects and Custom Objects
  • Field Types, Field Dependencies
  • Adding Fields in Objects
  • Rollup Summary Field
  • Creating Lookup and Master-Detail Fields
  • Creating Data and Time Fields
  • Creating Email and Phone Fields
  • Creating Text and Text area fields
  • Creating Currency, Geolocation, and Percent Fields
  • Creating encrypted and URL Fields
  • Standard and Formula Fields

SFDC Security Model

This module gives you a detailed overview of system-level security, permission sets, password policies, Field-level security, and IP Address Security.

  • Organization level or System-level security
  • Profile and Permission Sets
  • Administering users
  • Troubleshooting
  • Security Settings and Tab Settings
  • Password Policies and IP Address Security
  • Field Level Security and Activations
  • Session Settings and Page Layout Assignment
  • Role Hierarchy Creation
  • Record Level and Object-level security
  • Public Group and Queue 

Buttons, Links, and Actions

This module deals with creating custom links and buttons, performing different operations on records, and Global actions.

  • Creating links, buttons, and Actions
  • Creating Custom Links and Custom Buttons
  • Creating and Updating Records with Actions
  • Logging a call through Actions
  • Global Action and Object Specific Action 

Visual WorkFlow, Schema Editor, and Process Builder

This module provides you with extensive knowledge of creating visual flow, configuring process builders, creating a process and fields.

  • Introduction to Schema Editor, Process Builder, and Visual WorkFlow
  • Creating a Visual Flow and Altering the existing flows
  • Setting Process Builder
  • Creating a Process through Process Builder
  • Creating the Fields through the Schema Editor

Data Processing and Handling

In this module, you will acquire hands-on knowledge of Data processing, Apex data loader, import wizard, External ID, data export, and using the sandbox.

  • Data processing Overview
  • Data Exporting
  • Unique Fields and External ID
  • Installing Apex Data Loader
  • Using the Data Loader and Import Wizard
  • Updating and Deleting with Data Loader
  • Transferring record ownership
  • Creating and Using the Sandbox
  • Setting up a Data Export
  • Reporting the Snapshots
  • Tags

Validation Rules

This module gives you an in-depth understanding of creating validation rules, error messages, and formulas.

  • Validation Rules Basics
  • Creating Validation Rules
  • Creating Formulas and Error Messages

Master-Detail Relationship

In this module, you will get practical knowledge of user management, hierarchy relationship, and many to many relationships.

  • Hierarchy Relationship
  • Many to Many Relationship
  • User Management
  • Self Relationship

Reports and Dashboards

This module provides you with a detailed overview of creating different reports, creating dashboards, access management in reports, using filters in reports, dashboard components, and customizing dashboards.

  • Creating tabular, matrix, and summary reports
  • Importance of Tabular, Summary, and Matrix reports
  • Executing a report, Report Builder, and Report Formula
  • Conventional reports available, report and security
  • Creating: Leads report, Opportunity report, Scheduling report, Campaign report.
  • Using filters in reports
  • Access Management in Reports
  • Creating Dashboards
  • Bucket Field and Dynamic Dashboards
  • Dashboards components
  • Customizing Dashboards(Modifying components and Refreshing Dashboards)
  • Adding reports to the dashboards
  • Adding the leads to the campaigns through reports
  • Customizing the Interfaces of Dashboards and Reports


This salesforce training module contains chatter concepts like enabling chatter, chatter email notification, setting salesforce to salesforce, customizing libraries and email notifications, receiving the salesforce connection.

  • Introduction to Chatter
  • Enabling Chatter and Configuring Chatter groups
  • Enabling Chatter feeds on the records.
  • Email Notification in Chatter
  • Creating the free customer chatter user
  • Creating customer groups
  • Customizing Email Notifications in Chatter
  • Customizing and Enabling Libraries and Content
  • Enabling Ideas
  • Setting Ideas Themes
  • Activating Social Accounts
  • Setting Salesforce to Salesforce
  • Sharing the Account through salesforce to salesforce
  • Accepting the Salesforce Connection
  • Setting Salesforce1


In this module, you will learn concepts related to Salesforce1 and SalesforceA.

  • Introduction to Salesforce1 and SalesforceA
  • Differentiate Salesforce1 and SalesforceA

VisualForce Page

This Salesforce training module will help you in mastering VF page basics, MVC, building charts in visualforce, wrapper classes, custom, and standard controllers.

  • VF Page basics and configuration
  • MVC Introduction
  • Custom or Standard Controller in VisualForce
  • Building charts through VisualForce 
  • Custom and Standard Controller in VisualForce
  • Wrapper Classes on VF Page
  • Implementing Javascript on the VisualForce Pages, Action Controller, and Functions

Message Tags and Panel Tags

This module helps you in understanding the concepts of message tags and panel tags.

  • PageMessage
  • PanelBar and PanelGrid
  • PanelBarmItem and PanelGroup

VisualForce Miscellaneous Tags

This module discusses visualforce miscellaneous tags like CommandLink, Facet, Iframe, and ListViews.

  • Column and CommandLink
  • Detail and Facet
  • Iframe and ListViews
  • Include script and Include Page

VisualForce Action Components

In this module, you will get a hands-on understanding of ActionStatus, ActionSupport,  and ActionFunction. 

  • ActionStatus
  • ActionFunction
  • ActionSupport

VisualForce Advanced concepts

This module deals with the visualforce advanced concepts like visualforce static resources, Dynamic binding. 

  • Using Static Resources in VisualForce
  • Revoking Links, Buttons, and Tabs
  • Dynamic Binding
  • Integrating Emails with VisualForce
  • VisualForce Templates

Using CSS and Javascript in VisualForce

In this module, you will learn how to use css and javascript concepts in visualforce.

  • Create CSS classes
  • Internal and External CSS
  • StaticResource in the ExternalCSS
  • Using Javascript Functions and DOM in VisualForce
  • Javascript Events and Validations in VisualForce
  • Internal and External Javascript

OOPs concepts

This module will help you master oops concepts like data types, methods, access modifiers, conditional statements, encapsulation, and wrapper classes.

  • Data types, Variables, and Identifiers
  • Methods, Access Modifiers
  • Conditional and Exceptional statements
  • Syntax of classes and objects
  • Creating methods
  • Constructors
  • Reference Variables
  • Inheritance, Abstraction
  • Polymorphism and Encapsulation
  • Wizard class and Wrapper classes

Apex Programming

This module discusses the basic and important concepts of Apex programming.

  • Apex Programming Basics
  • Apex Data types, Variables, and Control flow statements
  • Classes, Interfaces, and Objects
  • Working with Apex Programming
  • Building Charts through Apex Programming
  • Implementing Triggers in Apex Programming


In this module, you will learn the concepts like insert triggers, trigger events, recursive triggers, validation rule, delete triggers, and calling batch apex callouts.

  • Trigger Events
  • Before and After Triggers
  • Insert Triggers
  • Delete and Undelete Triggers
  • Update Triggers
  • NewMap and OldMap
  • Recursive Triggers
  • Validation Rule and Workflows with Trigger
  • Calling Batch Apex callouts and Schedule Future methods from Trigger

Batch Apex

During this module, you will achieve real-time knowledge of Iterable class, Debug batch apex, query locator, and serializing Batch by Batch.

  • Iterable Class
  • Query LOCATOR
  • Start, Execute and Finish Method
  • Sending Email from Finish Method
  • BatchableContext
  • Debug Batch Apex
  • Creating Future Methods in the Batch Apex
  • Implementing Database AllowCallouts
  • Calling Batch in a Batch
  • Serializing Batch by Batch


This module deals with SOSL basics, static SOQL, functional SOQL, and governing limits in SOQL.

  • Introduction to SOQL and SOSL
  • Static and Dynamic SOQL
  • Fetching the records on VF through SOQL
  • Inserting the records from VF to Salesforce
  • Relational and Functional SOQL
  • Governing Limits in SOQL

DML Operations

This module deals with the concepts like DML operations, insert statement, update statement, upsert statement, rollback operations, and DML SavePoint. 

  • Differentiate DML Statements and Database class methods
  • DML operations
  • Insert statement and Delete statement
  • Update statement and Upsert statement
  • Undelete statement and Merge statement
  • Rollback operations
  • DML SavePoint


In this module, you will learn  AppExchange basics, choosing an app, and searching for a consultant and developer.

  • AppExchange Basics
  • Selecting an App and Custom App Installation
  • Searching a Developer and a Consultant

Workflow Rules

This module deals with workflow rules basics, creating a workflow email alert, workflow actions, and approval process automation.

  • Workflow Rules basics
  • Creating a Workflow rule Email Alert
  • Creating a Workflow rule Task Assignment and Field Update
  • Field Updation using Workflows
  • Workflow Actions
  • Introduction to Approval Process
  • Approval Process Automation

Business Automation

In this module, you will learn how to automate record updation, task creation, and time-dependent workflows.

  • Automating Records updation
  • Automating Tasks creation and Emails
  • Outbound Messages
  • Workflow rules limitations
  • Time-Dependent workflows.

Salesforce Lightning

This module deals with Lightning components, lightning components capabilities, and implementing the lightning web components in salesforce.

  • Lightning Components
  • Capabilities of Lightning Components
  • VisualForce vs. Lightning Components
  • Implementing Lightning Web Components in Salesforce

User Interface

This module discusses user interface basics and customizations of the user interface.

  • User Interface Overview
  • User Interface General, Calendar, Sidebar, and Setup options
  • User Interface Name Settings
  • Dynamically Updating the UI components.

Deployment and Change Sets

In this module, you will learn inbound and outbound change sets, deployment status, and deployment settings. 

  • Introduction to Deployment and Change Sets
  • Inbound and Outbound Change Sets
  • Deployment Settings and Status

Application Life Cycle

This module helps you master Application lifecycle fundamentals, key considerations, usage of sandboxes for the app development, and packages.

  • Application LifeCycle Basics
  • Important considerations and Milestones
  • Using Sandboxes in the App Development
  • Using Change sets
  • Packages

Web Services and Integration

In this salesforce training module, you will gain a practical understanding of web services basics, types of web services, JSON class, Integration through SOAP, REST API, and GCP.

  • Introduction to web services and integration
  • Importance and kinds of web services
  • JSON class, Generator class, parser, and serialization
  • JSON Deserialization
  • XML classes
  • Creating APEX WSDL File
  • Integration through SOAP and REST API
  • Integration using GCP

Practice Test & Interview Questions

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